Introduction to computational linguistics

It is an introductory course aiming at the students of under graduate level who have no background of linguistics. The first few lectures would be about language and linguistics. Then we would move to computational part of the course. Theory of automata and artificial intelligence are required as per-requisite of this course.

  1. How the language was evolved?
  2. Can animals talk like human?
  3. Phonetics
  4. Phonology
  5. How the new words are created!!
  6. Morphology
  7. Grammar
  8. Syntax
  9. Regular Expressions for language processing
  10. Minimum Edit Distance
  11. Minimum Edit Distance
  12. Soundex Algorithm
  13. Bayes’ Theorem of Probability, Conditional Probability and Intersection of Probability.
  14. Bayes’ Theorem Examples
  15. Good Turing Algorithm