the importance of attention to the details

Waris Shah is considered Shakespeare of Punjabi literature. I read his book very critically to find out what is special about it that HEER WARIS SHAH(his book) stands out from other books with the same topic. The answer is “Attention to the details”. He is never in a hurry. It seems as he lives his ideas for weeks before penning it down. Whenever he chooses a topic to write on, he conducts proper and systematic research for weeks or even months, gives it proper time, and then puts it on paper. In the whole book of almost 500 pages, he always tried consciously to achieve perfection. He never wrote half-cooked ideas.

distraction in the short run and in the long run

Distraction is bad!

The short-term distractions are visible, but long-term distractions are not visible. here it is how!

you can see the downside of distraction in the short run while you are trying to finish a daily task, like studying or doing office work.  if you have distractions, it is obvious you will not be able to finish the task as planned resulting in frustration and unwanted delays.

the same thing happens in the long run. imagine you set a new goal in life that may take a couple of years. if you consistently work to achieve that goal, you will definitely achieve it. but if you have distractions, you have a change of plan after every few months. you will be nowhere at the end of two years. thus long-term distractions are less visible but more catastrophic in the long run.