How the mother tongue improves your expression.

When a Punjabi kid goes to Urdu medium school and his teacher asks about his home work. he may say, sir cheta bhool giya This will cause a laughter for the whole class and embarrassment for the Punjabi kid. The reason is, Urdu does not allow the words of Punjabi language.

On the hand, if the school is Punjabi medium, he can say it both way, sir g cheta bhool giya or sir g yaad nai reha.

what it means? it means, in mother language, you are allowed to add the words of any other language as it is  your own language. No on stops you. No one laughs at your. But in any other language, you have to apply filters.

All the great Nations, use their mother languages as the medium of expression. This way, they not only make use of all the available diction of their mother tongue but also add hundreds of words of foreign languages to their dictionary.

On the other hands, we Pakistani Punjabis are goring to subtract the huge and valuable asset of  Punjabi words. What we would be left behind with? Our next generation will definitely lack the power of expression.

Believe it or not.



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