What is human intelligence? Should we associate it with grades?

Human brains are very complex. The scientists could discover the human brain only as much as they discovered the universe. We know, the universe is limitless and the scientists could discover only fraction of it. So is the human brain.
But why it is that we call some one as intelligent and some other person as dull. Should we do it? Do we have any measurement tool? Normally, the apparent tool to gauge the intelligence of students is their grades. Those with high grades are considered intelligent and those with low grades are considered dull. It is ironical that such an amazing part of human body(brain) is labelled just because of some tests and exams.

When we label some brain as dull or intelligent. We don’t change it physically. It remains what it is. But we do hypnotise the person. If a person is labelled as dull in school or college. He would carry that conviction in his mind whole life. He would feel inferior in presence of so called “Intelligent” people. He would hesitate to take any big initiative and will definitely live a life with low morale. On the other hand, when we label some one as intelligent/genius. No miracle happens in his brain. But we do give him a false reason to feel superior and undermine his peers. So he/she leads his life with false feelings of superiority.

The reality lies on the other way round. All the brains are the gift of nature. They are neither superior not inferior. The fact is, they are different. They are different just as the thumb impressions. Every one of us has different thumb impression but no one can be termed as superior or inferior on the that basis.

All of us are amazing creations of nature. All of us have different aptitude and talent. My point can be further illustrated by the following diagram.

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Most of the time, we test lions by their flying abilities and birds by their swimming abilities. We always see natural curve in every field. It means their are very few people who are actually fit in a particular field. The rest have been screwed in the wrong fields.

American developmental psychologist Howard Gardener described nine types of intelligence.

Naturalist (nature smart)
Musical (sound smart)
Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart)
Existential (life smart)
Interpersonal (people smart)
Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart)
Linguistic (word smart)
Intra-personal (self smart)
Spatial (picture smart)

But I think there are as many types of intelligence as there are humans on the planet earth and the real success of the life is to discover your actual hidden talent and work on that. if you succeed in discovering your hidden talent, you will REALLY enjoy the LIFE.

By Rehan Chaudhry









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