I am everywhere still I am invisible – what do you say?

I am sitting in my home in Lahore, the heartland of Punjab. I am watching the cable television. I surfed all the ninety five channels but could not find a single channel in my mother language Punjabi. if I go to any book shop in my vicinity, I can not find a single book in Punjabi. There is a newspaper stall at few steps from home but it has no paper in Punjabi. I speak Punjabi at home and wear shalwaar qameez. but whenever I step out, I change my dress and change my language. Although all the people outside are of my own nation. I am in my own home town. Still I hide myself from everyone even from the eyes of myself. This double standard arose from my inferiority complex and is recursively making me more inferior in my own eyes.

I look down upon me so much that I hate everything that belongs to me. I am Punjabi, I am everywhere but I am invisible. please help me. what do you say?

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