14 August 1947 Pakistan gets freedom – but we the punjabis are still slave.

The freedom means, you feel recognized and dignified in your existence. But even after seventy years we are even more downgraded and pushed aside. Although you may disagree with me arguing, that, Muslims of sub-continent got economic freedom from Hindu majority. Although, the illusion of economic freedom is also debatable, I am talking about another very important perspective, the perspective of identity of a nation.

Since the war of 1857, the Muslims of British India were in a situation of distress and confusion. They were quite uncertain about there future in sub-continent. Since, the region of UP/CP had been the center of Muslim power for centuries. The new political era of Muslims also stemmed from this very region. Right from start, Muslim League was actually a party of Urdu Speaking lot from Ali Garh institute in particular and UP/CP region at large. The dominance of UP/CP politicians set up new hegemony over rest of the Muslims. The Muslims of sub-continent have no alternatives. So they followed the footsteps of Muslim League.

It is noteworthy, that Muslim League followed the same model of Imperialism against other regions of Muslims as the East India company did it  against Urdu Speaking Muslims.

After deadly episodes of bloodshed, Pakistan appeared on the map of the world. The need of time was to lay its foundation on equality, justice and respect forming a federation with equal rights of all the five Units. But unfortunately, the ruling Urdu-Hindi class treated Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochies , Pashtunes and Bangalies in the same way, as British treated them.

As we all know, it is the fundamental right and even UNESCO enforces it, that every child should be imparted basic education in mother tongue. But this basic right was subjugated by force and coercion.

Mr. Jinnah in his speech at Dhaka sternly ordered that Urdu and only Urdu would be the academic and official language of Pakistan. This was quite a matter of disgrace for Bangalies that they being in majority were being enslaved by UPite Urdu Speakers who were very few in numbers.

This language imperialism of Pakistan would ever be remembered in the world history in the form of Mother Tongue day which is celebrated on February , 21 every year. It was that gloomy day in 1952 when innocent students were shot dead brutally in Dhaka while they were protesting in favor of Bangali language against the language terrorism of Urdu.

Language imperialism of Urdu against Punjabi
Language imperialism of Urdu against Punjabi

The Bengali nation finally parted their way, but Pakistani Intelligentsia is still unable to understand the rationale behind reservations of Bengali Nation.

Sooner or later, Pakistan’s administration should conceive it that in modern world of information and free media, state can’t suppress any ethnicity by force. The only solution is an inter-dependable federation where all units must be free to choose their language, formulate law and other policies of interest.

Linguistic imperialism from the corridors of history
Linguistic imperialism from the corridors of history

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