By Dr. Samee Balochi,

My orientation in a nomadic Baloch society helped me in figuring out the enigma that why Like many other kids of well off families, MUHAMMAD(PBUH) was handed over to a gypsy family in his adolescence. It was deduced that he may have excellent articulation and purity in his language/mother tongue having no impurity whatsoever in terms of the un-natural amalgamation of other languages. So having divulged the Prophet-hood, MUHAMMAD(PBUH) always attempted his utmost to address different Arab tribes in their peculiar dialects even though all had the same language, the reason of which is self-explanatory even for the laymen not to speak of learned ones.

On the other hand, see the Punjabi writers, journalists, teachers, lawyers, opportunist Punjabi politicians from almost all parties and ignorant masses of Punjab, who claim themselves to be the heirs of Islam; but they don’t have slightest cognizance of their fundamental Islamic/human right of seeking and imparting education to their new generation in Punjabi being a medium of instruction at least at primary level and as compulsory literature subject up to Graduation by keeping rest of all science, humanities and ethics subjects in actual Lingua Franca (the language of science, technology and market i-e English) across the globe. It is just due to their myopic/tunnel vision having retarding language (Urdu) a holy status in it with no importance/respect for the (Punjabi) language of the masses & land of Punjab, which contains rich literature in terms of universal message of love and peace for humanity by the sages.

The aping of an alien dud silver tongue (Urdu), which was born in the brothels, grew up in the sycophant & conspiring environment of DARBAR/palace and got heavily equipped with the extremely bigot literature of pedantic version of UPites’ religion/Islam (Lucknow, Deuband and Brelli depictions); forged almost whole Pakistan and particularly Punjab into a obsequious, violent, intolerant and extremist society due to the described intrinsic characteristics latently associated with the said language. It is completely contrary to the blatantly inbuilt tolerant, magnanimous and loving properties of all native (Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi and Punjabi) languages of Shah Lateef, Rehman Baba, Mast Tawakli, Khawaja Fareed, Sultan Bahoo, Baba Fareed, Shah Hussain, Guru Nanak, Mian Mohammad Buksh, Peer Mehr Ali Shah, Sain Ahmad Ali, Sain Ghulam Din and many other sages depicting a vibrant, compassionate, accomodative and moderate Islam totally synchronizing with the very natural way/life of Muhammad (pbuh). 

On the name of ISHE-RASOOL(pbuh) whatever happened from ransacking to the death of around 21 people across the Pakistani federation, is nothing short of blasphemy itself and is pretty enough to further malign the sacred name of Islam and desecrate the greatest benefactor (pbuh) of whole mankind. If we literally want to build a peaceful and balanced society, we shall have to own/follow the above described natural path of Muhammad (pbuh). This sole way could only lead us to our salvation in sensual and eternal worlds.

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