How the mother tongue adds up to your diction.

lets take the example of a Punjabi kid. he has three main languages around him.

  1. Punjabi, the language of the soil.
  2. Urdu, the languae of UP CP, popular mainly due to literature and Urdu/Hindi movies
  3. English, the language of science and technology.

Now let’s assume, every language has 5000 thousands words. if he uses Punjabi as the medium of expression. He has total 15000 words to express, because he can use the word of any other language in his mother tongue. As a native speaker, he has that freedom.

if he abandons Punjabi, he is left with 10,000 words only and if he chooses English as the language of expression, he has only 5000 words to express.

So the key is, we should add the words rather than subtracting it. And we should use the language of the soil as the medium of the expression.

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