Toothache Remedy using chewing gum

Toothache Remedy

Toothache is very disturbing. The toothache remedy is usually pain killers followed by some antibiotics.  There are also many home remedies for toothache which are mostly based on herbs.

But here the toothache remedy is based on physiotherapy. Nearly all medicines have some type of side effects. Physiotherapy is very safe treatment as we don’t have to take any medicine.

Toothache Remedy using chewing gum

  1. Take a chewing gum of your favorite taste. if you have pain in right teeth, chew the gum using left teeth and vice versa.
  2. Keep it chewing until  it becomes tasteless.
  3. When it becomes tasteless, move it to the effected teeth side.
  4. You may have to bear lot of pain in start but try to bear it and keep chewing using the effected teeth.
  5. Continue the process for as long as you can.
  6. Repeat it as many time as you can.
  7. I hope, within a few hours, the toothache will disappear.

But it is not permanent solution, you should have all the cavities filled as soon as possible and should rinse the mouth thoroughly after every meal (milk and sugar are the worst culprits for cavities).

Never forget to brush your teeth before sleeping.

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