If I love you!

if I love you,

I’ll love everything that belongs to you, your language, your dress, your identity, cast and creed. but If I love myself, I’ll try to transform you. I’ll ask you to learn my language, wear my dress and adopt my identity.

Now look at our state. if the state takes care of its people, it would help them stand on their feet, making them and their identity strong. But in Pakistan whenever a kid goes to school, the very first lesson he learns without even being taught is that the language his/her parents speak is rubbish, the dress he/she wears is the ugly one. he/she must change his dress and language before getting admission to school otherwise he/she would be fined for speaking Punjabi or other regional languages.

So the first lesson, our kids learn in school is “inferiority complex”. And they learn this first lesson by heart for the rest of their life. How this mentally coward new generation would be able to compete with developed nations?

So now, please let me know, whether our educationist love us or hate us?


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