Random thoughts on Punjabi Language Issue

If I can not read/write in my mother tongue, it means either I am illiterate or the education I acquired is false.

One who can not read /write in his mother language is illiterate.

What is the difference between a free nation and a slave nation? The free nation makes sure that new generation spends time with elders so that they learn the pure language and old cultural values. whereas the poor nation forbids the new generation sit with elders so that they do not learn the rubbish language of the elders. they should learn the new language spoken by the dominant nations.

It is a real story. I know a person who was very good writer of Urdu language. Once there was a Mushaira where all the poets of national level were invited. He wrote the script for the stage secretary. But he himself was not allowed to be the stage secretary. The reason being, he was Punjabi and spoke Urdu in Punjabi accent. Rather an other person whose parents hailed from UP/CP were asked to be the stage secretary. After the Mushaira the person from UC/CP was selected by a TV channel. Although what he spoke was not written by himself. That’s why, I speak for the mother language, that’s why I say, to impose foreign language is the worst form of imperialism



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