The last man standing

The last man standing.

The war is almost over. All of your companions and friends joined the enemy or escaped from the field. You are the last man standing. How does it feel like? I asked this question to an old man. He was firm in his conviction and was following the path of his consciousness.

He answered quite calmly. I am happy with what and where I am. I am not at all afraid of defeat as I am never going to be defeated. The defeat is for those who accept it by their will. Those who escape, run away or submit. But those who stand for their conviction are never defeated as long as they survive and when they are no more it does not matter, it may be counted as defeat or victory for the rest of the world. For them it was never a defeat because as long as they lived, they lived with dignity.

The old man was a Pakistani Punjabi nationalist. He fought the war for the survival of his mother tongue and kept fighting till his last breath. No problem if you are the last man standing You are worth thousands as long as you are loyal to yourself and your consciousness. Don’t care about the public. The public goes with the flow. Their are really few people who swim against the flow. They damn care if they are alone. And that’s like a man.